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The Fitness Mentor Podcast

Misleading stats, vaccination vs natural immunity, and saving our children Fitness Mentor – with Tommy Caldwell

My intention in this recording is not to persuade anyone. I am merely presenting the current data as it stands without the politics, public health, and media biases that should be obvious to us all by now. The data and research can change, but as it stands right now, this is my best interpretation of what is happening with vaccination status and naturally acquired immunity. I have also added my personal opinion on these matters which should not be taken as fact. I believe I have done a good job of separating the data from my thoughts on the data. I am open to being wrong and/or misunderstanding the data, so as long as you are cordial I encourage you to push back on what I present here. If you'd like to WATCH THE VIDEO, FOLLOW THIS LINK
  1. Misleading stats, vaccination vs natural immunity, and saving our children
  2. Excessive Hand Sanitizing and The Silo of Public Health and Medicine
  3. Five Diet Tips To Start Your Day
  4. Are You a Critical Thinker or a Conspiracy Theorist?
  5. My Interview with Inside Fitness Radio

Beyond Your Body (with Rita Catolino)

Ep.27- Rita and Maria in Sweden Beyond Your Body

The following is a special episode of BYB featuring Rita and Co-Author, Maria Borelius.
  1. Ep.27- Rita and Maria in Sweden
  2. Ep.26- How to Lose Weight on Vacation
  3. Ep.25- The Connection Between Emotion and Weight Gain
  4. Ep.24- Making Relationships Work
  5. Ep.23- What Drives Destructive Eating Behaviour

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