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TOL #4- My Best Piece of Advice (Discipline>Willpower) Fitness Mentor

My #1 Bestselling Behaviour Change Book, Heavy Brain is now on Audible and iTunes (iBooks). If you want to grab a copy, follow this link  If you are outside of Canada just search Heavy Brain in Amazon, Audible, or iBooks to get yours.   This recording was taken from my new IGTV series, Thinking Out Loud. These are short(ish) riffs on all things health and fitness. I go over everything from practical health and fitness information to meta-conversations about the state of the health industry. Enjoy!  Please do me a solid and rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and help me bring powerful information to the masses!
  1. TOL #4- My Best Piece of Advice (Discipline>Willpower)
  2. TOL #3- Exercise as Punishment
  3. TOL #2- Diet Tribes
  4. TOL #1- Answers to the Top Health and Fitness Questions I get asked.
  5. Is the Cure worse than the Disease?

Beyond Your Body (with Rita Catolino)

Ep.4- Is This Healthy? Beyond Your Body

Piggybacking on episode three (Body Positive?), Tommy and Rita discuss the recent Cosmopolitan 'This is Healthy' campaign and the controversy that surrounds it.To learn more about Tommy and Rita you can check out their websiteswww.ritacatolino.comwww.tommycaldwell.netAnd just a reminder that Tommy's bestselling book, Heavy Brain, is now on audible and the iBooks store
  1. Ep.4- Is This Healthy?
  2. Ep.3- Body Positive?
  3. Ep.2- All about Resolutions
  4. Ep.1- Introducing Rita and Tommy

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