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Do you struggle with late-night snacking, overeating, constant grazing, or binge behaviour? Success isn't as simple as knowing what foods to eat and what exercises to do. Learn how to overcome the feelings of failure and self-sabotage that lead to destructive eating and lifestyle habits with Heavy Brain. Now available on Audible!

The Fitness Mentor Podcast

How Using the 'Five Whys' Can Lead To Better Results (and Life Satisfaction) Fitness Mentor

If I were to ask you why you want to eat better and exercise more, you'd say something like 'because I want to be healthy' or 'because I want to lose weight'. But is that a true response? If your core motivation for taking action is not properly aligned with the habits you are trying to form, the disconnect will derail your success. Enter the Five Whys. Just a reminder that Heavy Brain is now available in Audiobook format at Amazon and iTunes.   Here is a Canadian Amazon Link  Here is a US Amazon Link  To read my latest blog on how too much HIIT hinders your fat loss results, follow this link
  1. How Using the 'Five Whys' Can Lead To Better Results (and Life Satisfaction)
  2. BYB: This is 'Healthy?'
  3. BYB: The Issue with the Body Positive Movement
  4. TOL #4- My Best Piece of Advice (Discipline>Willpower)
  5. TOL #3- Exercise as Punishment

Beyond Your Body (with Rita Catolino)

Ep.11- The Cost of Fitness Beyond Your Body

What does it take to be on the cover of a fitness magazine? Is the juice worth the squeeze and is the final product even healthy? Rita gives some insight into her own journey while Tommy attaches his classic wit and brilliance to the conversation. Rita totally wrote this intro. Not Tommy. To join Rita's 12 Week Program, follow this link read or listen to Tommy's Bestselling Book, follow this link can also see all of Tommy's free content on and listen to his podcast at
  1. Ep.11- The Cost of Fitness
  2. Ep.10- Botox, Boobs, and Betty White
  3. Ep.9- Fasting
  4. Ep.8- Dealing with Binge Eating
  5. Ep.7- Q and A #1

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