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The Fitness Mentor Podcast

The Path of Greatest Resistance Fitness Mentor- with Tommy Caldwell

This is an audio version of my blog. In this clip I discuss the importance of forcing yourself down the path of greatest resistance to reach your goals. If you'd prefer to read the blog, click here 
  1. The Path of Greatest Resistance
  2. You MUST become disinterested in food
  3. Scientism is becoming a problem (featuring Rhonda Patrick)
  5. Is my vice health or harmful?

Beyond Your Body (with Rita Catolino)

Ep.15- Lockdowns, Criticizers, and the Death of Small Businesses Beyond Your Body

Many in the fitness industry- as well as other areas of personal service- are suffering. Small businesses are closing in record numbers and people are losing everything they have. Tommy has recently been standing up for small businesses and has faced heavy criticism for doing so. But this wouldn't be the first time. To join Rita's 12 Week Program, follow this link read or listen to Tommy's Bestselling Book, follow this link can also see all of Tommy's free content on and listen to his podcast at
  1. Ep.15- Lockdowns, Criticizers, and the Death of Small Businesses
  2. Ep.14- All About Protein
  3. Ep.13- Strong Kids #1
  4. Ep.12- To HIIT or not to HIIT?
  5. Ep.11- The Cost of Fitness

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