Is meat consumption unsustainable, or are you just unwilling to make the right sacrifice?

The next time someone tells you that you shouldn’t eat meat for reasons of sustainability, I would ask you to challenge that persons thinking.

The ‘I don’t eat meat because I care about the planet’ ideology is the absolute laziest and most convenient way to pretend to take meaningful action on the matter.

First of all, agriculture (from both plants and animals) is responsible for roughly 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. Only 4.7% of that is from livestock.

Here is a list of EVERYTHING else you could stop doing that would have a more significant impact than cutting meat out of your diet.

  1. Stop driving
  2. Stop taking public transport
  3. Stop flying
  4. Stop using amazon or receiving other mail-in products
  5. Stop using electricity
  6. Stop using the internet
  7. Stop heating your house
  8. Stop cooling your house
  9. Stop living in a house

You get the point. The problem is that all of these other interventions would require an actual sacrifice.

Whether you eat meat or not makes no difference to me. It surely is not essential for human life, and you can live to a ripe old healthy age without it. I would debate healthspan, but I’m sure your lifespan will be excellent.

But if you’re going to use your dietary choices as a way to feel like a superior human being, you’d better have your facts straight.

Meat consumption is unhealthy and drives disease = false
Meat consumption will ruin the planet = false

You can still hitch your wagon to the issue of ethics, but that’s about it. If you would like to suggest otherwise, you’d better bring some evidence to the table outside of a financially driven Netflix production or an emotionally tainted youtube video.

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