Meat is bad. Wait, no, plants are bad. Wait, no, food is bad. The groupthink that is carnivore vs plant based dieting.

Prepare for a fever pitch in the epic battle of agenda-pushing dogmatists who completely miss the point when it comes to nutrition.

Groupthink A- Meat is terrible. Meat is unsustainable. Meat production will ruin your health and the planet. Pushed by: savvy processed food corporations, government shills, and purposeless people who use dietary identification to leverage their social status.

Groupthink B- Plants are harmful. Plants cause a host of health issues and are completely unnecessary for health. There is no place for plants in the optimal human diet. Pushed by: Ex-vegans who needed a new group to hitch their wagon to, people in the scientific community that wasn’t getting any exposure without an extreme niche, and those who are missing social stimulation that can now be fulfilled by a diet team.

Those lost in the shuffle- Plant-based eaters who are less concerned with health outcomes and more concerned with the ethics of animal treatment in modern food production, and meat dominant eaters who are overcoming autoimmune conditions, insulin driven weight issues, and/or using something like the ‘carnivore’ diet as a adjunct therapy for health issues that have complex food triggers.

The problem- What makes a human being a human being is the ability to survive and thrive on a variety of diets. Throughout history, humans have sometimes eaten meat primarily, then mainly plants, then sometimes a mix of both. Conditions, environment, and tools have dictated what we had access to for survival during different periods and geographic locations. Animal foods seemed to accelerate our evolution while plant foods supported our survival during times when animal foods were less available. To eliminate a whole food source (plants OR animals) is, if nothing else, an idiotic long term human strategy for human survival. Food diversity is what has allowed us to remain on this planet while so many other species have disappeared.

The problem part 2- Meat isn’t rotten. Processed meat and hyper factory production are bad. Plants are bad. Ignoring apparent negative reactivity to particular and over-consuming particular plant matter is bad. Sustainability in both cases is not a matter of the food itself (meat or plants). It is about our irresponsible production of certain foods (i.e., factory farming and government-subsidized mono-crops).

Today it is all about picking a side, joining your team, and then mindlessly following along while defending your dietary stance to the death rather than thinking clearly, learning deeply, and making a rational decision that isn’t driven by groupthink, echo-chambers, and tribalism.

Both sides are guilty. Both teams are wrong. Both sides are missing the point. How about a little nuance?

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