This is the best time to live. You’re just lazy.

If you’re not into rants, don’t read this post. I usually stay away from conversations that are remotely political or emotionally driven, as I find they attract people who are more interested in arguing than expanded each other’s point of view- but today, I feel compelled to open up a can of worms.

During my morning reading, listening, and social scrolling, I saw a concerning trend that I see reaching a fever pitch. I don’t know why the thoughts and opinions that I have viewed today across several platforms all seem to carry this same destructive attitude and language, but this morning, it was overwhelming.

I have lost faith in humanity.
People suck.
Humans suck.
The world is fucked.

These phrases and many phrases like them have turned into slogans, and every time I read one in an article, in a comments section of a video I have watched, or on someone’s page, it bothers me.

This is partially the fault of the media as well as the polarizing nature of the world these days. Left vs Right. Carnivore vs Vegan. My team vs your team. And of course some people do bad things, and some victims suffer at the hands of others, but why is this your world view?

This is your world view because this is the way you choose to view the world. Yes, it is a choice.

How is it a choice? If you believe humanity is doomed and that ‘humans suck,’ you are choosing to ignore (or at least, not to seek out) all of the fantastic people in this world and in your community who are doing amazing things. People who vastly outnumber those who cause harm by 1000:1.

Just yesterday, I sat down and did a podcast with a local entrepreneur who teaches 10,000 local kids who to cook, grow food, prepare food, and eat well. His team provides 350 lunches to local children EVERY DAY while not making a single dollar of profit from the service.

I have 40+ staff members who have all chosen a career that helps people in their local community take back control of their health. My staff isn’t getting rich. They all wanted a path of service.

There are 1000 people at my gym. They are all self-improving. They are encouraging each other. They are becoming better people for themselves and those around them.

I can say the world is shit and everyone sucks just as quickly, but that is the language of a person who can’t take any personal responsibility for his or her life.

If the world is a disaster and everyone from those running the government to my next-door neighbor are vile and sinister, I have an excuse for my anger, my hate, and my status.

My life and my suffering are justified because of ‘the world’.

Give your head a shake, think differently, and contribute. If the world is such an awful place, do something about it. I love Jordan Peterson’s quote on this topic: clean up your room before you criticize the world.

Don’t pull those around you into your vortex of doom, gloom, and negativity. Step up and make a difference in the world if you’re so concerned. I doubt you will because it’s easier to shit on everyone. But at the very least you could make an effort to see the billions upon billions of people who make the world great and stop living in a bubble of hatred and blame.

I know people who are coming from truly trying and fucked up circumstances who still choose to better the world instead of perpetuating their own suffering- so do those people a favour and sort yourself out.

The world is an amazing place. It isn’t perfect and it never will be- but there has never been a better time for safety, security, and the ability to make an impact in your own life, your local community, and that planet.

Bitching about the world and conflating rare negative situations with the entire human race is not a contribution.

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