Fake meat doesn’t grow in the garden

If you choose not to consume animal foods, I understand. Perhaps you feel like you are supporting a cruel industry or harming the ‘planet’ by buying standard animal products. I would argue that you could accomplish the same goal by adjusting your purchasing practices, but that’s neither here nor there. What I cannot accept is the unsubstantiated argument that animal foods are unhealthy. Even the best epidemiological evidence to suggest a link between meat and disease has more holes in it than a strainer. On top of this, you just have to look at the recent boom in plant based alternatives to see the contradiction. Beef has one ingredient. Beef like plant burgers has between 10-40 ingredients, and most of them aren’t plants. Beef like plant burgers don’t fall off of a vine. They are made in a factory. So if you are avoiding animal products for cruelty and environmentally driven factors, that is admirable. If you are pushing the meat = disease agenda while promoting fake factory made meat, that is irresponsible.

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