The value of cold showers

Fat loss, recovery, and improved sleep are just a few of the claimed benefits of cold exposure. These adaptations may come from something like a daily practice of cold showers, but I doubt the effect is highly significant. So why do I partake in this seemingly ridiculous practice? I take cold showers because I can’t think of a better way to force myself to take an action that part of my brain is highly resistant to. Every time I begin to turn the shower knob in the cold direction, part of my mind begins the negotiation and excuse making that is common in the resisting mind. This is the same brain centre that tries to stop me from waking up early, having tough conversations, and writing posts like this one. A cold shower is a daily opportunity to say ‘I am the boss, and I say we do something uncomfortable’. I believe this is a powerful daily act that most are missing from their lives.

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