When your diet is on your t-shirt

It may sound crazy, but believe it or not people walk around with the name of their diet on their t-shirts. Many people own multiples so they can wear their diet identification t-shirt several days of the week. When I see a person who is willing to ‘wear’ his or her diet, I know that at best, this person is a dogmatist. Or worse, an ideologue who lives in a world of confirmation bias- totally disinterested in what is true. As far as I can estimate, people in this group are lost. While they differ in dietary ideology, they have a lack of purpose and community in common. This is what makes diet tribes so appealing. As soon as I identify as a dietary soldier for group X, Y or Z, I have a team, a purpose, an opinion, and most importantly, a common enemy.

Never take advice from someone who wears his or her diet on his or her t-shirt.

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