If you react, reflect.

After a night of little sleep, I found myself policing two toddlers in the bathroom — the one currently pooping in the toilet bit the one playing with the toilet paper. While trying to resolve this situation, my pancakes were burning away on the stove. Angry, frustrated, and tired, I told my pancakes to ‘fuck off’ upon racing back into the kitchen. And believe me, I meant it. If those pancakes had a face, I might have punched it.

There was a time where I would find a way to blame the pancakes, the stove, or at the very least, my children for the odd profane outburst. Today, I recognized the ridiculousness of telling a pancake to fuck off and quickly noted my current state and sensitivity to anger. I forced my mind to realize what was real rather than sticking to a typical ‘poor me’ narrative that we seek to save face.

I can’t take back what I said to the pancake. That is in the past. But I can acknowledge that this was not the pancakes fault, apologize sincerely, and aim to find a more suitable outlet for my stress in the future.

Human beings are reactive. To strive never to react is going to be a losing battle. How you choose to reflect on these kinds of situations, however, is 100% in your control. It is also how you reflect that determines the real damage done or mitigated when it comes to emotionally inappropriate reactions.

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