The Fat Loss Macro-View

There are a few things you can do when it comes to diet in order to increase your chances of fat loss. Doing one of these things is ok, but easy. Doing two of these things is good, but can be difficult. Doing three of these things is great, but damn near impossible for the average person to accomplish.

For this reason I suggest the following:

When you are in your most controlled routine (Monday-Friday at work), try to do at least 2-3

When you are in a less controlled routine (Monday-Friday at home), try to do at least 2

When you are in social chaos (the weekend) try do to at least 1

Less calories just means ‘don’t eat as much as you want’. Have some consideration for portion and not overeating.

Eat less often means going some time without food and practicing time restricted eating. Skip breakfast, stop eating before 7pm, or just have less frequent meals.

Less variety means being MORE selective with food choices. Have some stuff you just aren’t going to eat. I.e foods with added sugar, alcohol, snack foods etc.

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