Kids Eat Bugs and Blood (and your child won’t eat vegetables?)

I’m not trying to preach or sound judgmental when I write this, but ‘picky eaters’ are not a thing. Not inherently, anyhow. There are some things that some kids won’t eat- but when you claim that your child doesn’t have a palate for an entire food group, you may be pointing the finger in the wrong place.

Right now, on this planet, from Bangkok to Brazil, children eat bugs. Ya. Fucking insects. Some kids in some countries drink blood. And you think your child’s distaste for vegetables or red meat is due to a built-in gag reflex? Forgive me for sounding high and mighty, but two nights ago, my son ate octopus. He’s three and a half. Do you know why he ate octopus? Because he saw me eating octopus. Do you know why I eat octopus? Because I didn’t have parents who told me that octopus was gross. My parents fed me liver, heart, and a varietal menu of many other foods that most parents find appalling. I was never forced to eat any of it, but if I saw my parents eat it, I became interested.

If you have a picky eater at home, it’s because your general attitude toward food is picky, and you probably don’t cook very much or eat a lot of whole foods. I’m sure there are exceptions to this hypothesis, but the word ‘exception’ means what it does for a reason.

Your child is not a picky eater. Either s/he has never gone long enough without food to experience hunger or you’re the picky one.

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