Whether you scream ‘fuck’ or not, you still have a mess to clean up

The other day I was frying eggs and pork belly for a late breakfast. Upon transferring the food from the pan to my plate, my hand slipped. I dropped half of the food, resulting in a greasy mess on the kitchen floor and me yelling ‘FUCK’ at the top of my lungs. It may be hard to believe that there was a lesson to be learned, but there was.

As I crouched on all fours, still cursing in my head and scrubbing grease off of the floor, I had a moment of clarity. I dropped the food, I screamed ‘FUCK’, yet here I am with the same result. Whether I screamed out in anger and frustration or not, I would still be here scrubbing grease off of my floor.

This sounds like a silly, average thought, but it leaves space for an important question. When has your unhelpful reaction every contributed to a solution or changed the circumstances of what has already happened? If you’re like me, the answer is ‘never.’

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