Spirituality is a Dirty Word

Mindfulness…Meditation…Spirituality… such dirty words. This is unfortunate because learning to be less reactive and more thoughtful throughout the day can be life-changing.

I ‘meditate’ every single day. I don’t (always) sit cross-legged. I don’t say a mantra. I don’t touch my index and thumb over the top of my knees. I don’t partake in any silly, dogmatic bullshit. You don’t have to either. Do you know how many Instagram pictures I have seen of some asshole taking a ‘selfie’ of himself or herself meditating? How does that work? It is the worst kind of insecure and self-indulgent irony. It is the kind of disingenuous stench that makes a ‘normal’ person flee from the spiritual realm. Don’t let your disdain throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Sometimes I stretch or listen to music or even a short talk by someone like Alan Watts. All ‘no no’s’ in many meditative circles.

The fake spirituality and general pop-culture of mindfulness have ruined this gift for the average person- but it doesn’t have to be destroyed for you.

I sit, and I breathe. I pay attention to how chaotic my brain is. I problem-solve. I move on. How you spend time being still isn’t essential. Spending SOME time being still is all that matters.

It is also worth noting that it took my 2 years and five to six attempts and failures to make this practice stick.

Headspace played a significant role in helping me build my own (shudder…), ‘practice.’


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