How Pain and Impulse Determines Our Weight

When it comes down to it, the most potent factors that determine success or failure in your fitness intersect at pain and impulse. The more pain you are in, the more time you will spend distracting, numbing, and stimulating your mind. You will do this with food, alcohol, technological distraction, and other forms of ‘laziness.’ The greater your impulsiveness, the quicker you will turn to these forms of self-medication, and the less resilient you will be with different kinds of emotional turmoil. The pain-free, low impulse individual can quickly extinguish fear, sadness, anger, and disgust. The high-pain, high impulse individual, will be quick to escape and avoid the emotions that s/he is sensitive to. Weight gain is not the only way we show our pain, but obesity is the most wearable and one of the most highly stigmatized expressions of a person who is struggling.

When you see someone with a lot of weight to lose, you are not seeing a person who is lazy, uncommitted, or who doesn’t care about her health. You are seeing someone who is wearing her troubles from the superficial and meaningless to the incredibly deep and painful.

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