Up-Cycle Your Mind for Peak Fitness Results

In order to unlock your true fitness potential, you must first get your mind ‘unstuck.’ There are layers to progress when it comes to your body, and any skipped steps will result in eventual relapse.

Building a strong, resilient mind is critical for overcoming emotional turmoil, unwarranted feelings of failure, and the all-to-common self-sabotage. Without taking care of this part of your ‘self’, you will never make lasting dietary changes. ‘Cracks’ in your mindset and emotional sensitivities will result in overeating, constant grazing, late-night snacking, and other binge behaviour.

Once you strengthen the mind, you can finally make your diet ‘stick.’ Once your diet sticks, your exercise performance, commitment, and return will skyrocket. The results and feelings of positivity and progress will feed straight back into your mind. Your mind, in turn, feeds back to the body.

Many of us attempt to do this in reverse. We try to out-exercise poor eating behaviours. We get frustrated, sad, angry, and anxious when we can’t put our diet together. We mentally suffer as a result and become less and less resilient to the inevitable hurdles between us and peak health.

Work in reverse. That is the key to success.

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