Are You Sculpting Your Success?

Are the actions you’re taking today building upon those you took yesterday? If so, how? That is a question that you should answer with great clarity if consistent progress is your goal.

Growth doesn’t need to happen linearly, like putting a little more weight ‘on the bar’ each workout. You can also build by adding synergistic activities to your day or removing barriers to your success.

Today, you could get a workout in. Tomorrow, you could try your hand at concentrated breathing exercises. Perhaps the next day, you could learn a new cooking technique that opens the door to increased self-sufficiency in the kitchen. Just like you must travel a few miles each day to reach a distant destination, you must put in the work each day that results in the outcome you desire. Some days you drive long-distances, while others you need to study a better route or get your oil changed.

There aren’t any hard rules, but there must be a map, a direction, and a consistent path to end up in the right place.

Stop trying to go from A to Z without first stopping at every other letter of the alphabet. Reaching your goal will not only be more likely, but you’ll be a much better person in a variety of ways once you achieve it.

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