Everything Makes You Fat

Tell me if you’ve heard this before: “Fat doesn’t make you fat”.

Yes, it does. Just not in a unique way. Any food or nutrient eaten in excess will make you fat. This is why most diets work for people in the short term but rarely in the long-term. Take the ketogenic diet, for example. If you are following a keto diet, chances are you’re out of shape. If you’re out of shape, you probably haven’t been making great food choices. So when you begin a ketogenic diet, you’re probably cutting out junk, exercising more, and being more conscious about your health in various ways.

During the honeymoon phase, you lose some weight as a result (partially due to reduced water retention). But you tell yourself that ‘as long as I don’t eat ‘x’ foods (in this case, carbs), I can eat as much as I want. Because fat doesn’t make me fat. Carbs do!’ Then you continue your gluttonous ways of overeating at meals and late-night snacking because as long as it’s Keto, it’s okay. You and I both know how this plays out over time. At the very least, you stall after the honeymoon weight loss, but you will more likely gain the weight back. Now Keto sucks, and you need to start a carnivore diet because as long as you aren’t eating anything but meat, you can’t get fat. I can tell you where that road leads as well.

There is some truth to the idea that carbohydrates can be uniquely problematic for weight loss, but this is only accurate when you consume low-quality carbohydrates in excess, usually in the absence of adequate exercise. The reality is that as long as you are eating a whole foods diet, you can succeed. But to win, you must address your destructive eating behaviour. It’s not what you are eating; it is how you are eating.

Fad diets are your excuse to ignore the damaging patterns in how you eat, which is the real barrier between you and success.

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