How To Rebel in 2021

Today’s ‘rebel’ doesn’t need to storm the steps of local parliament or spraypaint political logos in the city centre. These days, standing up for yourself is as easy as being the best version of ‘you’.

Integrity isn’t just saying what you think and doing what you say. Integrity is the commitment to live up to your full potential, a feat to which many of us have not made a clear commitment.

Taking care of your health is a rebellious act. Being kind, interested, and seeking the areas of commonality between you and another person is revolutionary. Learning about a subject before you speak about it is defiant. Worrying more about the fabric of your community than your image on the internet is recalcitrant.

Not only will you be fighting for a better world and the greater good, but you’ll be of sounder mind and body for your troubles. Likely, you’ll be more successful as well.

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