Lessons From 2020

Everyone is talking about the silver linings of the pandemic. Hopefully, being better informed is on your list.

Weight gain and poor metabolic health have been known drivers of the top 5 killers of modern disease. That didn’t seem to be enough motivation for the average person to eat well and exercise. Hopefully, the threat of dying from an invisible diet gets more people on board. I’m hopeful but not naive.

We can argue all day about the details of how Ontario should have handled this ordeal.  Where most people agree is on the mismanagement and lack of leadership in government. It should be evident that politics is a game of ‘people-pleasing,’ from friends in government to those who fund campaigns to the voters who may keep bureaucrats in office next term.

Lastly, it’s next to impossible to ask questions and converse online in a meaningful and productive way. A person enters a conversation with a point of view and a team, and s/he isn’t there to explore possibilities and get to what is most accurate. News outlets are trying to appease their side of the argument rather than change the reader’s mind. The feeling of winning and ‘sticking to the other side’ takes precedence over living a better life or thinking better thoughts.

The value of society and our ability to have conversations is to never settle on an answer because we never assume to have the correct one. That is ‘science’ at its core.

As is evident, we now operate in the bizarro world of reason. I am right until you can prove me wrong, and if you prove me incorrect, I’ll change the rules, move the goalposts, or shift to ad-hominem attacks.

Every day people are winning social media battles at the cost of losing the war of progress.

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