Why Does This Always Happen To Me?

Extraneous reasons for your tsunami of failures are mounting. All your relationships end badly. You constantly miss out on opportunities that undeserving people capitalize on. Your professional life is always in turmoil, and life never gives you what you deserve.

“Why does this always happen to me”?
“Why does that never happen for me”?

Are you genuinely interested in the answer to those questions? The answer isn’t going to feel as good as enabler seeking, which is precisely what you’re doing when asking, “why does this always happen to me.” Victimhood is a self-perpetuated plague. Casting blame and seeking sympathy can only move you further from the solution and deeper into your pity trench.

‘This always happens to you’ because you refuse to take ownership of the state of your life. You refuse to take ownership because the transition is painful. But what blooms today grew from the seeds you planted long ago. This goes for both tangible efforts and intangible thoughts.

If you’re always planting shit seeds, you get a shit life- even if only by perception. If you move to planting better seeds, you will eventually harvest a better life.

You’re stuck in this rut because wallowing in your pities is rewarding right now while growing a better mindset- and resulting life- won’t come to fruition for many years. But taking responsibility for every one of life’s circumstances- no matter how obviously beyond your control- is incredibly empowering.

“Why does this always happen to me?” Because you keep making it so.

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