Citizen Scientists Are Responsible For The Best Solutions

The back-and-forth regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is an emotional, narrative-driven battle between conspiracy theorists and the status quo. Both of these groups are unhelpful.

Those who puts their best effort toward being informed deserve to share their opinion and be involved in the discussion. Those who prefer to be informed by narrative should join a reddit subgroup instead.

Citizens need to be interested in reading, viewing data, and opening up a conversation about what it all means. Suppose the average citizen continues to be educated by social media and traditional news outlets without looking more deeply into the matter. In that case, We will never push public Health to find the best solution to the current issue of the pandemic.

Whether you agree or disagree with the lockdown method, you don’t deserve to share your point of view unless you have done your absolute best to understand the data. That means reading reports, testing definitions, and other publicly available information that allows you to form an educated opinion. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s about the effort you put forth to be informed before you speak out.

We, as a society, don’t have to agree on our opinions- but if we are not willing to step up to the plate and assess this crisis at a ground level, we don’t deserve the most favourable outcome. You get the government you deserve, and you get the public health interventions that you deserve as well.

Below are links to what I discussed in the attached video

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