My support is for those who are fighting to end mandates. Unfortunately, the ‘movement’ is conflating with points of view that detract from the intentions of the other 99%.

I don’t support hatred or hateful people. I back the millions of citizens concerned about the erosion of their rights- erosion that completely unscientific claims have often justified (see forcing young children to wear cloth masks on their faces for 7 hours a day).

I support the family who lost their small business and is now in financial turmoil.

I support the parent whose child is suffering from depressive disorders stemming from the chaos of the last two years.

I support the single parent who had to decide whether to pay for full-time childcare or go on government subsidies to take care of her kids during forced closures.

I support the person who got vaccinated, not because of the health benefits of the immunization, but to get her rights back. Here we are 90% vaccinated. What has changed?

I support those sick of the lying, the manipulation, and the hateful rhetoric coming from all sides.

These are the people driving this movement, and they are many. They have a place where they feel they can safely voice their struggles and pain without being assaulted on social media, and I support their right to vent their frustrations.

Bad actors will always insert themselves one way or another, but highlighting a swastika as the core sentiment of hundreds of thousands of loving, well-meaning, law-abiding citizens is biased at best and worse, an agenda. It is dishonest, and it is destructive. Calling your neighbor a racist for seeking an outlet for pain and suffering is as disgusting as what you claim to condemn.

People are losing members of their inner circle for stating, ‘I have suffered, my child has suffered, my life has been flipped upside down, and I’ve had enough’. I will not condemn these people.

Show me that the motivations of these people in suffering are racist. Show me how ending mandates is of primary benefit to racist people, groups, or racist agendas, and I will immediately withdraw my support.

This is pure politics, and you’re playing the game.

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