Curb Your Narrative

Leaders find ways to pull the community together while highlighting the problems within. Justin Trudeau uses vile language while blanketing millions of Canadian citizens into racist minorities for his gain. If you listened to his most recent address, his superficial, self-serving narrative should be evident to you. It is a political drama, and it is further eroding the unity of our country.

What should Trudeau have said in his address? How about something like the following:

“It is angering and unfortunate to see the displays of hatred and racism I have noticed by fringe groups at this protest, but these few people do not represent the spirit and soul of Canadian citizens. I have witnessed the vast majority of protest attendees speaking out against these groups, and I am proud of the display of harmony and peaceful assembly thousands of you have brought to the capital. It has been a challenging few years, and I know many of you are suffering. I support the exercising of your voice, and I am listening. To those who spread hatred and carry the symbolism of racism and segregation, you are the minority, and you will not alter the spirit of our nation. We are too strong, too proud, and too caring a people to buy into your ideological, vile nonsense. You can not and will not influence our country’s loving, accepting nature with your hostility. To the majority of Canadians who I have seen loving and supporting each other regardless of race, class, or political affiliation, you make me proud to be the leader of your nation. Be the louder voice in the crowd, and you will always win.”

But no, such words do not further Trudeau’s political plan and will not inspire enough anger and separation to serve his agenda. Please see him for what he is.

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