Relative Suffering

Many sit in judgment of those who showed up to air their grievances in our Nation’s Capital. Driven by media spin and disgusting government rhetoric, some even feel righteous for looking down on the attendees of the Ottawa protest.

It’s funny how empathy, compassion, and tolerance can be a matter of ideological convenience.

If over the past two years you have not:

Had a young child suffer developmental delays or debilitating anxiety from forced masking

Had a teen spiral into a deep depression

Had the government force the closing of your business put you on subsidies while big companies made record profits

Been forced into bankruptcy and crushing debt after the small operation you put your heart and soul into for over a decade disintegrated

Perhaps you should rethink your stance on those who stand against government overreach while demanding an end to all restrictions.

We are products of our lived experiences, and you may find this hard to believe, but the past two years have been awful for many. Their pain is legitimate, and just because you see the world differently than they do, it doesn’t permit you to prevent them from exercising their right to stand against their government. Your dismissal of their suffering is coming from a place of privilege. The privilege that many of you are so quick to point to in various other social conversations. It’s almost as though your underlying judgment, which you claim not to hold inside, just needed a socially supported outlet to show itself. All you needed was permission.

We’ve witnessed no other hot-button societal topic over the past decade where we would accept this conduct, let alone cheer it on.

As for the officers, I believe the vast majority are good men and women who Trudeau and other superiors forced into a terrible role. These people have families to worry about too. Just like there were undoubtedly protestors who showed up to cause problems, there are officers who showed up to kick ass. I don’t place the actions of a few on the shoulders of all, but we can’t sweep away incidences in which these aggressive and violent actions are clear.

Is this the country you want for us? For our kids?

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