The Myopic Destruction of our Youth

In 2020 there was one death with COVID in Canada’s children under 14 years of age. During that same period, there were:

3 Meningitis Deaths
6 Diabetes Deaths
16 Flu Deaths
13 Homicides
39 Suicides
127 Accidental Trauma Deaths
202 Deaths in a variety of other unclassified categories

This was before a single vaccine was distributed.

From the beginning of the pandemic until today, two primary aged children have died with COVID in Ontario.

The statistics are from January 2022 reporting updates (for 2020) by the government of Canada and the Ontario Public Health COVID data system.

As Ford discusses the removal of mask mandates, individuals and organizations are demanding they remain. This is pure lunacy.

The cost of the pandemic on kids has been disastrous.

Psychological issues have risen immeasurably.
Food insecurity has increased by 50%
Child abuse has more than doubled
Mental health admissions to children’s hospitals have more than doubled
Drug abuse and overdoses in young people has more than doubled
Developmental milestones have been extended by the CDC for toddlers
Social and emotional development in primary aged kids has regressed

To continue down the path of harming kids to protect fearful adults is beyond wrong. It is disgusting. Even if masking, vaccines, and school closures were highly effective at preventing infection and spread- which they are not- it would still be unacceptable to punish children in this way to accommodate adults.

In 2020, 80% of all COVID-related deaths happened in Long Term Care facilities, where the median lifespan after initial admission in North America is five months.

“Are you suggesting that the life of a child is worth more than the life of an elderly person?” Yes. Without question, that is precisely what I am saying. If you want to ask me whose livelihood is more important to preserve, a 5-year-olds or an 85-year-olds, I can answer the question in a split second. So can you, and if you can’t, you’re an absurd human being.

This has to end now. Not only does this need to end now, but those who put long-term restrictions in place that resulted in these dire circumstances need to be held accountable in a court of law.

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