My 2022 Campaign Platform, A High-Level Overview (Part 1)

Over the coming weeks, I will post my general position on various political matters. While few people will wholeheartedly agree with my point of view on all political matters, I am hoping to give you a general sense of the type of person I am and the leader I will become. In this post, I will deliver a very general summary of my stance on the most prevalent matters, and in future posts, I will dive more deeply into each topic. That way, if you find specific issues more significant, you can learn my entire thinking on them as the election comes closer. 

In the high-level overview, I will touch on:

  • Individual Rights and Freedoms
  • Bodily Autonomy
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Our children (education, support etc)
  • Climate Concerns
  • Economic Concerns
  • Social responsibility
  • Political integrity
  • Socioeconomic and Minority Support

Individual Rights and Freedoms: Our charter rights and freedoms have been trampled on over the past two years. Worse, our provincial and federal governments revoked our fundamental rights while pretending to be for a free, democratic society. Our right to travel within our own country, our right to creed, our right to assembly and peaceful protest, and our right to bodily Autonomy have all been withdrawn. Some rights and freedoms were voided population-wide, while others were rescinded only for unvaccinated citizens. COVID-19 concerns complicated matters, and you could argue that some of these measures were necessary for a certain period. But we are now going on two years of states of emergency (both provincially and nationally) used to justify the continued revocation of these rights. There is no emergency right now, yet the Ontario government extends emergency powers. We know that vaccinated individuals carry and spread current variants of COVID-19 just like unvaccinated individuals, yet we limit the freedoms of one group and not the other. These measures are wrong, unjust, and unscientific. 

Bodily Autonomy: the right to choose what goes into your body or the body of your child, particularly when the medical intervention is permanent, should be non-negotiable. When it comes to infectious disease and the ability to spread it to others, I certainly understand the argument against this position (i.e., We must do it for the greater good). The problem, as I see it, is two-fold. Firstly, as we’ve witnessed with the pandemic, the science and data used to justify mandated vaccination are behind the curve. We now know that vaccination does little to prevent infection and spread of COVID-19 but protects significantly against severe disease in our most vulnerable populations. Knowing this, individual considerations and targeted protection would’ve made for a practical approach to disease management that didn’t infringe on the fundamental rights of those who would not have opted into the immunization. Not only did a population-wide approach pressure citizens to make snap medical decisions, but it also diverted resources away from those who needed them most. Second, Public Health used coercive tactics and manipulation to increase immunization rates, which is flat out wrong. As we now understand, public health officials were aware of incidental hospitalizations, dying ‘with’ instead of ‘from’ COVID, and other important metrics that they hid to maximize the COVID narrative. Instead of honesty and education, our leaders vied for lies and coercion. The damage done to our trust in government-led health organizations may never recover, and the ongoing cost will be significant. 

Small Business and Entrepreneurship: the expendability of small businesses was on full display beginning in 2020. Citizens who put their own money and economic stability on the line to contribute to their community through small businesses got punished, while massive corporations made record profits. The government organized multi-billion dollar bailouts for big companies while forcing entrepreneurs to collect government subsidies and take on enormous debt. The attitude of some of our members of parliament was ‘many of these businesses fail anyway, this just accelerates the process, and someone else will fill in the gaps afterward”. Sports, Fitness, and Recreation businesses closed while fast food, alcohol, cigarette, and gambling revenue skyrocketed. Outdoor dining and outdoor recreation remained closed even when the evidence went against the likelihood of outdoor transmission. Our government closed small businesses because it was the easiest way to appear to take action without consequence. Small business owners don’t have powerful unions or lobbying organizations that can hurt politicians, so they became expendable. All the while, publicly funded officials who didn’t miss a paycheck had the nerve to emphasize how necessary lockdowns were. Even though they didn’t have any skin in the game, nor did they take government subsidies while forfeiting their regular salary back to the community.

Our Children: As a father, the disgusting treatment of our children over the past two years is easily the most egregious act our government continues to support. Mental health disorders, abuse, obesity, suicide attempts, drug overdoses, cognitive development, and every other measure of suffering in young people have skyrocketed. These regressions in wellbeing are tied to lockdowns, the elimination of extra-curricular activities, and ongoing masking mandates (to name a few). The unnecessary disruption of critical livelihoods has decimated our young people from toddlers to young adults- the same population we claim to care about the most. Right now, as mask mandates are set to end in schools, politicians, teachers, and other figures in the community fight to keep our kids masked- often under the lie of it being ‘for their own protection’. It is non-controversial and universally known that children are 

A-incredibly resilient to COVID-19

B- that indoor masking, according to every respiratory RCT is ineffective at meaningfully preventing community spread, and 

C- masking is hurting the cognitive and emotional development of primary-aged children

The true motivation for continuing ongoing masking is to protect a handful of irrationally frightened adults and play politics. The entire concept of harming children to protect adults is sick, and it needs to end. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I will cover:

  • Climate Concerns
  • Economic Concerns
  • Social responsibility
  • Political integrity
  • Socioeconomic and Minority Support

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