The Fed Report #005

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Fed-Report. In this issue we cover:

  • Internet Censorship Bill Update
  • Hunters Target of Firearms Restrictions
  • Singh’s Misguided ‘Greedflation’
  • ‘False Flag’ at the Inquiry?
  • Freeland Testifies
  • Canada World’s Leader in Assisted Suicide
  • Virus Update

Internet Censorship Bill Updates

Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriquez begged the Senate to press forward with the internet censorship bill (C-11). In a late-night meeting, the Senate added no less than 100 separate amendments to the controversial and disorganized bill, which extends into creator-generated content. In an attempt to press for quick passing, Rodriguez said ‘”I am asking you, please, Senators.” When members of the Senate pressed Rodriguez for clarity on who would be affected by this censorship bill and if the CRTC would have grounds to censor content creators on platforms such as Youtube, the minister responded that the bill needs to give the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission flexibility to regulate emerging creative sectors – and not just music – on platforms in decades to come. “It’s been 30 years to modernize this. I don’t know how many years it will take to modernize it the next time. So it has to be a bill that allows for some flexibility to the CRTC so that they can foresee other things,” he said. “Music is what we’re mostly concerned with today. But there will be other sectors that will be of interest in the future, and today.”

Rodriguez’s refusal to relent and attempt to spin user-generated content censorship as fundamental to the future success of the bill tell us all we need to know about the intent. It’s a move toward legal authority to censor dissenting voices in the Country.

Singh’s ‘Greedflation’ Nonsense

I run a local agricultural company, so trust me when I say nobody understands the operation of food supply chains better than I do. And I certainly have my gripes and concerns about consumers paying excessive food costs, especially during a time of growing unaffordability. Jagmeet Singh has been harping on grocer profit increases referencing ‘Greedflation’ and ‘greedy CEOs’ as the root of the cost of living crisis. This angle is both misguided and disingenuous. For starters, Loblaws (the central target of his attacks) sold 17.4 Billion dollars in their most recently reported quarter. Of the 17.4B, 556 Million was profit. That is a profit margin of 3%. Compare that to the Bank of Montreal, which reported $23.4B in profit for the 12 months leading up to July 2022. Moderna, the vaccine manufacturer with a plant coming to Montreal, reported 2021 quarterly profits of 2.78 Billion dollars, all via forced compensation from taxpayers.

And what about Government regulated retailers that sell alcohol and gambling? While most of these profits return to the Province/Country, it’s interesting to note the profit volume. Between 2019 the LCBO passed 2.39 Billion onto the Government in 2021, on 7.18 Billion dollars, and the Ontario Lottery Gaming generates 2.5+ Billion for the Government annually. And when OLG faces years of hundreds of millions less in expected revenue, they still dole out executive bonuses

My point here is that grocery stores:

  • sell something of actual value to citizens
  • take on risks to run their business
  • have modest to razor-thin profit margins

Banks, Pharma Companies, and Government Regulated industries that drive sickness get a pass from Jagmeet. I wonder why?

Hunting Rifles Become the Target of Bill C-21

In typical Liberal secrecy, several amendments were quietly snuck into the recent firearms control Bill, C-21. The original purpose of the Bill was marketed as taking “weapons of war” off the street with Trudeau claiming “you don’t need an AR-15 to take down a deer.” At that time, many expressed concern that Bill C-21 was encroaching on legal rights of gun owners, not preventing or penalizing unlawful attainment and use of illegal firearms by criminals. Now, the Bill has been reformed to add basic centerfire rifles and shotguns, often used for hunting and livestock protection, to the list of banned arms.

The legalities of firearms and gun ownership is a polarizing topic. What concerns me is the Liberal government’s tendency to propose laws with the most palatable narrative while clearly intending to go beyond the initial sales pitch. Trudeau knew full well he planned to extend the firearm ban to basic hunting rifles. He just understood that he had to lead with a sentiment that the majority of the public would support- banning assault-style weapons. Some may see this as a necessary political strategy. Others, as deception. I, for one, became tired of the lying and manipulation a long time ago, including the trend of sliding amendments into bills without opening the floor for proper debate, within parliament or the public square.

EA Inquiry ‘False Flag’?

Before I cover the controversy, I want to state why the inquiry is critical to all Canadian citizens. As a nation, we cannot allow slack in the rules of engagement, law, or justice regarding how Government engages with citizens. Even if you disdain the group some on the left refer to as the ‘freeDUMB’ convoy, you should care greatly about our leader’s ability to usurp the law to silence Canadians. Today, you may see the Government acting as an ally while you cheer on actions they take to shut down voices you disagree with. But whatever precedent you allow the Trudeau Government to set will eventually be used against you or those you support when exercising concerns to which you’re sympathetic. To believe otherwise is a significant error in thinking.

Rights, freedoms, and protections are fundamental for these very reasons. If you don’t have the strength of character to defend the liberties of those you despise, you do not deserve the same privileges under any circumstance. Even if you disagree with the protest in Ottawa or dislike the characters involved, you should be very interested in the lawfulness of invoking the act without bias or undue justification.

Two controversial and interesting accusations by Lawyer, Brendan Miller

‘Convoy’ Lawyer, Brendan Miller made two strong accusations in court this week that he claims to have the evidence to support. His first claim was that the infamous Nazi Flag carrying individual in the early days of the protest was a publicist and former manager of the Toronto Star, Brian Fox. Additionally, Miller claims that the license plate of a vehicle famously driving around Ottawa with a confederate flag in the early days of the protest is registered to a government fleet. The implications are obvious: Miller is suggesting there was a coordinated effort to paint a hateful picture of the protestors to turn the public against their cause. If true, the significance of the accusations would be substantial. I have not seen any real evidence to support Miller’s claim, and it doesn’t appear evidence will emerge through the inquiry as the commissioner refused to pursue the allegations. Miller is so confident in the strength of his evidence that when Brian Fox threatened to sue the lawyer for libel, Miller responded that he welcomes a lawsuit as it would force legal discovery that would ultimately result in the admittance of the evidence he says he possesses. If Miller’s evidence was so compelling I would think it would’ve made its way into the inquiry.

The accusations remain intriguing but unsubstantiated, and if Miller is proven incorrect, his credibility as a lawyer in this case would be destroyed.

Freeland Testifies

On Thursday afternoon, Chrystia Freeland took the stand at the inquiry. She was her usual charming self complete with the contempt for everyday citizens we’ve become accustomed to. During her examination, she acknowledged wanting to label the protestors as terrorists, freezing Canadian’s bank accounts to prevent blood from being shed on the faces of children, and casually admitted that January restrictions and mandates were primarily used to encourage vaccination. But much of this is noise when it comes to the central question of whether the federal government overstepped to invoke the emergencies act; a question to which Freeland didn’t give a straight answer. How ‘on brand’. The Canadian Press writes “while Freeland said the Liberal government’s decision to use the Emergencies Act was correct, she repeatedly refused to detail whether the purported economic harm being done by the protests formed the basis of the government’s decision – and if so, whether it was legal. “I’m not a lawyer,” said Freeland, who also serves as Canada’s deputy prime minister. “I rely on the judgment of officials who advised us and on expert legal advice.” That analysis remains the key missing piece as the commission enters the final days of public hearings exploring the government’s decision to invoke the act for the first time since it became law in 1988.

Justin Trudeau is scheduled to testify at the hearing today.

The Emergencies Act specifies that a public order emergency is one arising from a threat to Canada’s security, as defined in the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act.

Canada Leading in MAID

With the expanding demographic of acceptable candidates, our Country now leads the world in Medically Assisted Suicide. The Veterans Affairs Minister just yesterday revealed that a VA caseworker offered assisted death to at least five clients for inappropriate reasons. The caseworker appeared to press the ‘remedy’ of suicide with veterans stating things like “VAC had helped other veterans end their lives, and it was a better alternative to “blowing your brains out.” The Minister has turned the case over to the RCMP, implying potential criminality, but as of this writing, the caseworker in question is astonishingly still employed by veteran affairs

RSV, Influenza, and COVID Update

Today’s National Respiratory Virus Report showed that the RSV curve has flattened without an intervention like school mask mandates. COVID-19 remains mostly a non-factor, especially in school-aged kids. Influenza, on the other hand, is continuing to climb. While the current total volume of Influenza is not higher than what we’ve seen in previous nasty flu seasons, the rise came much earlier than what would be considered ‘normal’, which has some wondering if this will mean a prolonged influenza season. Talking heads in public health have taken the opportunity to push for school masking and community mask mandates. Still, none of them care to acknowledge that we’ve never recommended, demanded, or accepted this kind of intervention for Influenza in the past. RSV stayed within an average seasonal volume and is now on its way down. We saw a total of 4 school-aged children in hospital testing positive for COVID (in Ontario) over a 14-day period. So the regular old flu is the only justification for such ‘safety’ measures. Citizens have merely become accustomed to the fear, and public health has become accustomed to the power. 

1 thought on “The Fed Report #005

  1. Hello Tommy,
    I am enjoying your blog. I get that you have to be short, sweet, and to point in a blog. I have contributed and voted for Green, NDP, Liberal NDP, and Conservative candidates locally (Ontario), however I tend to vote party in Federal elections, while also contributing finacially to individual candidates who can work across the aisle on issues important to all Candians. My most dispised politition of recent, as an example, is Andrew Shear. He rejected everything not Conservative in origin. Mr. Singh on the other looks for common ground between the liberal positions and the NDP…a model that benifits more Canadians. I will be interested to see an opinion piece in your blog dealing with divisive politics and how you might deal with issues important to us all…


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