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Excessive Hand Sanitizing and The Silo of Public Health and Medicine Fitness Mentor – with Tommy Caldwell

This is a follow up to my recent post where I shared concern over excessive hand sanitizing in our children. This matter is also a signal to the deeper issue of lack of transparency and discourse in our public health systems. You cannot get to the best strategy by shutting out those who push back against your narrative, and governmental health and medicine has become a silo of like-minded individuals who can't see beyond their narrative. Citizen scientists need to step up and criticize actions taken by our government with reasonable points of view and solid evidence. Debate and dialogue is the only way to better a struggling system. If you are interested in direct study links, you can find them below. They are all from credible sources and show A- the inability to show surface level transmission and B- the potential downside of excessive hand sanitizing in kids. As always I appreciate commentary that goes against my point of view. All I ask is you bring evidence to the conversation, not anecdote.
  1. Excessive Hand Sanitizing and The Silo of Public Health and Medicine
  2. Five Diet Tips To Start Your Day
  3. Are You a Critical Thinker or a Conspiracy Theorist?
  4. My Interview with Inside Fitness Radio
  5. The War On Carbs

Beyond Your Body (with Rita Catolino)

Ep.27- Rita and Maria in Sweden Beyond Your Body

The following is a special episode of BYB featuring Rita and Co-Author, Maria Borelius.
  1. Ep.27- Rita and Maria in Sweden
  2. Ep.26- How to Lose Weight on Vacation
  3. Ep.25- The Connection Between Emotion and Weight Gain
  4. Ep.24- Making Relationships Work
  5. Ep.23- What Drives Destructive Eating Behaviour

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