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Why Are We Fat (and rapidly getting fatter) Outlaws of Health- with Tommy Caldwell

I was fired up this morning. The incentives are all wrong. The actions taken by our governments are 'lip service' at best. THIS is why we have an obesity epidemic!
  1. Why Are We Fat (and rapidly getting fatter)
  2. Why We Need Citizen Scientists
  3. Your Government Does Not Care About Your Health
  4. COVID's Collateral Damage
  5. The Path of Greatest Resistance

Beyond Your Body (with Rita Catolino)

Ep.19- The Inward Journey to Success Beyond Your Body

In this episode, Rita and Tommy discuss the inward journey that a person must take to be successful in his or her transformation efforts. This is a conversation that stems from Rita's initial description of her new book that is being released in September.Rita's book is discussed until the 12:30 mark, and after that, Rita and Tommy focus on the inward journey. To join Rita's 12 Week Program, follow this link read or listen to Tommy's Bestselling Book, follow this link can also see all of Tommy's free content on and listen to his podcast at
  1. Ep.19- The Inward Journey to Success
  2. Ep.18- Vaccine Sandwich
  3. Ep.17- All About Carbs
  4. Ep.16- The emotional, psychological, and social damages of school closures and shutdowns
  5. Ep.15- Lockdowns, Criticizers, and the Death of Small Businesses

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