About Me

My name is Tommy Caldwell. I’m a father, husband, and local entrepreneur from the London area. I currently own three small businesses, one of which earned me Top 20 under 40 business honors in 2016.

Given the nature of my work and family life, I paid close attention to our local government’s shaky leadership throughout the pandemic. I watched the doors of hundreds of small businesses close while giant enterprises hit record profits. I witnessed children wearing masks while playing outside even though the practice was unscientific, shortsighted, and cruel. I listened as politicians polarized our communities and turned citizens against one another with irresponsible language and authoritative actions. Any reasonable person could see how wrong this was, but who stood up for the citizens?

I asked to speak on these matters at city council multiple times, only to be denied the opportunity to talk. I reached out to my MPs and MPPs for my residential and business ridings but never received a response. If this is how politicians lead their constituents during a crisis, we need new people in office. I am stepping up not as a career politician looking for power, influence, and a paycheque, but as a citizen leader with a proven track record for doing good in the community and putting other people first. We need authentic individuals in public office who work for citizens, which is precisely what I will do for you.

It is time to return political power to the citizens and heal our fractured communities. Accomplishing these goals requires robust leadership centralized around honesty, integrity, and transparency. That is what I am offering to you.

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