Mismanaged Emotions and Destructive Actions

*The concept of mismanaged emotions and poor health was originally written as a section in my book, Heavy Brain. It became such a large body of writing that I removed it from the book and decided it would need to be an entirely separate writing in the future. This a very high-level breakdown of whatContinue reading “Mismanaged Emotions and Destructive Actions”

Are You Sculpting Your Success?

Are the actions you’re taking today building upon those you took yesterday? If so, how? That is a question that you should answer with great clarity if consistent progress is your goal. Growth doesn’t need to happen linearly, like putting a little more weight ‘on the bar’ each workout. You can also build by addingContinue reading “Are You Sculpting Your Success?”

Is Time Restricted Eating (Intermittent Fasting) a ‘Bust’?

Does time-restricted eating (otherwise known as ‘intermittent fasting’) work? Like most things, the answer is ‘it depends’. When a person asks me if s/he should add TRE into their dietary routine, I ask a simple question: are you the type of person who can go several hours without eating and then move into a steadyContinue reading “Is Time Restricted Eating (Intermittent Fasting) a ‘Bust’?”

The Spark: Why you need to stop waiting for the moment that is never coming

This picture was of me when I was 14 years old. I’m pretty sure I have 110lbs on the bar, my form was terrible, and lifting these weights was a struggle. I bought this rickety old bench and barbell from a garage sale down the street, and before I had plates for it, I’d useContinue reading “The Spark: Why you need to stop waiting for the moment that is never coming”

The CrossFit Scandal: All ‘Shutting Up’, no ‘Putting Up’

CrossFit Inc and (now former) CEO, Greg Glassman came under fire a few months back for comments made regarding the highly publicized death of George Floyd. Since the incident, several other cases of Glassman’s brash and often inappropriate behaviour have surfaced in the media. This has resulted in a number of affiliates (including Hybrid Fitness)Continue reading “The CrossFit Scandal: All ‘Shutting Up’, no ‘Putting Up’”