Why Diet and Exercise Advice Isn’t the Solution (for COVID-19)

I came across this tweet today.   The elderly, those with a metabolic disorder, and a few other small demographics, are the most vulnerable to poor COVID outcomes. That is clear. That is not to say that younger, healthier people can’t also be affected by the disease, but those cases appear to be the exceptionContinue reading “Why Diet and Exercise Advice Isn’t the Solution (for COVID-19)”

Fight for your child’s right to movement

If I were to ask you what you wanted for your children’s future, you’d probably say something like, ‘I would just want them to be happy and healthy.’ That’s the answer I would give, too, but our systems and actions do not support that parental desire. Children are becoming less and less active. Children playContinue reading “Fight for your child’s right to movement”

‘Game Changers’ and the Real Dangers of Meat Consumption

Since the release of the documentary, Gamechangers, I have been asked at least once per day about my opinion of the film’s message. The idea that a meat-free diet is better for performance and the planet. I’ve punted my technical response to Dr.Peter Attia, Chris Kresser, and Sustainable Dish/Sacred Cow as this is work theyContinue reading “‘Game Changers’ and the Real Dangers of Meat Consumption”