The Spark: Why you need to stop waiting for the moment that is never coming

This picture was of me when I was 14 years old. I’m pretty sure I have 110lbs on the bar, my form was terrible, and lifting these weights was a struggle. I bought this rickety old bench and barbell from a garage sale down the street, and before I had plates for it, I’d useContinue reading “The Spark: Why you need to stop waiting for the moment that is never coming”

Up-Cycle Your Mind for Peak Fitness Results

In order to unlock your true fitness potential, you must first get your mind ‘unstuck.’ There are layers to progress when it comes to your body, and any skipped steps will result in eventual relapse. Building a strong, resilient mind is critical for overcoming emotional turmoil, unwarranted feelings of failure, and the all-to-common self-sabotage. WithoutContinue reading “Up-Cycle Your Mind for Peak Fitness Results”

How Pain and Impulse Determines Our Weight

When it comes down to it, the most potent factors that determine success or failure in your fitness intersect at pain and impulse. The more pain you are in, the more time you will spend distracting, numbing, and stimulating your mind. You will do this with food, alcohol, technological distraction, and other forms of ‘laziness.’Continue reading “How Pain and Impulse Determines Our Weight”

Why Weight Loss Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

‘I want to lose 10lbs’. Goal-driven statements like this are prevalent in the fitness industry. The problem is that setting a goal does not address the underlying systemic issues that got you to a place where you needed to ‘lose 10, 20, 30, or 100 lbs’. Obsessing over goals while failing to address process isContinue reading “Why Weight Loss Goal Setting Doesn’t Work”