Spirituality is a Dirty Word

Mindfulness…Meditation…Spirituality… such dirty words. This is unfortunate because learning to be less reactive and more thoughtful throughout the day can be life-changing. I ‘meditate’ every single day. I don’t (always) sit cross-legged. I don’t say a mantra. I don’t touch my index and thumb over the top of my knees. I don’t partake in anyContinue reading “Spirituality is a Dirty Word”

Whether you scream ‘fuck’ or not, you still have a mess to clean up

The other day I was frying eggs and pork belly for a late breakfast. Upon transferring the food from the pan to my plate, my hand slipped. I dropped half of the food, resulting in a greasy mess on the kitchen floor and me yelling ‘FUCK’ at the top of my lungs. It may beContinue reading “Whether you scream ‘fuck’ or not, you still have a mess to clean up”

‘Game Changers’ and the Real Dangers of Meat Consumption

Since the release of the documentary, Gamechangers, I have been asked at least once per day about my opinion of the film’s message. The idea that a meat-free diet is better for performance and the planet. I’ve punted my technical response to Dr.Peter Attia, Chris Kresser, and Sustainable Dish/Sacred Cow as this is work theyContinue reading “‘Game Changers’ and the Real Dangers of Meat Consumption”