How Existential Suffering Drives Weight Gain

You want to lose weight, gain muscle, and take excellent care of yourself. You want to achieve these things more than anything in the world. In your mind, you are determined, committed, and serious about taking control of your health. Yet, in the moment, you continue to overeat, graze, snack at night, and binge.  YouContinue reading “How Existential Suffering Drives Weight Gain”

Why the ‘GAP’ Determines Your New Year Success

Most people see the first week of January as the most crucial time for reaching personal health goals. It is the time when gyms become flooded with new, eager members and long-time pass-holders. Many of whom need to wipe the dust off of their membership cards before entry. The January rush phenomenon has less toContinue reading “Why the ‘GAP’ Determines Your New Year Success”

What Will Happen to Gyms in 2021?

Originally posted for Linkedin There was a time when low-cost memberships and packed gym floors was the primary model for a successful brick and mortar fitness business. Over the past decade, there has been a slow but steady shift in the market toward boutique gym experiences. Smaller spaces with trained staff members who offer greaterContinue reading “What Will Happen to Gyms in 2021?”

Mismanaged Emotions and Destructive Actions

*The concept of mismanaged emotions and poor health was originally written as a section in my book, Heavy Brain. It became such a large body of writing that I removed it from the book and decided it would need to be an entirely separate writing in the future. This a very high-level breakdown of whatContinue reading “Mismanaged Emotions and Destructive Actions”

Is Time Restricted Eating (Intermittent Fasting) a ‘Bust’?

Does time-restricted eating (otherwise known as ‘intermittent fasting’) work? Like most things, the answer is ‘it depends’. When a person asks me if s/he should add TRE into their dietary routine, I ask a simple question: are you the type of person who can go several hours without eating and then move into a steadyContinue reading “Is Time Restricted Eating (Intermittent Fasting) a ‘Bust’?”