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I’m still unsure if social media is a net-positive in today’s world, but for the time being, I am fairly active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I am most professionally active on my facebook page and the attached private coaching group. Instagram is for showcasing more of my personal day to day activities. Twitter is where you want to go if you would like to see me be opinionated and argue with people.

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11 hours ago
Peleton's "apology" - without bullshit

Did Peleton make a huge marketing blunder?

Below is a link to a writing blog I subscribe to. I find much of the content helpful and often praise the blog's creator and content 'populator'. Today I ... See more

Peleton made a controversial holiday ad. Then it dug a deeper hole with a non-apology that blamed people for being offended. Here’s the ad. What do you think? What’s the problem here? For one, ... See more

3 days ago

I've started posting weekly health and fitness rundowns for the private group page (found here Articles to read, podcasts to listen to, and featured ... See more

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I can't think of a more cowardly way to push your agenda. Maybe this man's diet had something to do with his death. Perhaps not. I can assure you that Shawn Baker doesn't know. The man was 75 years old, and there is…

My blog has had a facelift, and to kick off the new design I decided to post a short, super judgy micro-blog about what you feed your kids. Enjoy!

The drive to do any of these things immediately upon waking has a pathological driving force. At the very least, recognize the motivation and decide if you'd prefer to be in greater control of your actions.

Vices and indulgences can be helpful or harmful. If you control the vice it can be a very positive thing. If the vice is in control it is an addiction. Be self aware enough to know the difference.

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