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I’m still unsure if social media is a net-positive in today’s world, but for the time being, I am fairly active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I am most professionally active on my facebook page and the attached private coaching group. Instagram is for showcasing more of my personal day to day activities. Twitter is where you want to go if you would like to see me be opinionated and argue with people.

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4 months ago
How to perform a 2019 Self-Assessment for a killer 2020 by Fitness Mentor • A podcast on Anchor

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The latest episode of the Fitness Mentor Podcast: how to perform simple self-assessments to ensure a successful 2020. Short and sweet, so listen while you make your breakfast ... See more

In this episode, Tommy walks through a few self-assessment options you can use in place of traditional resolutions for great goal attainment. He even gives examples of his own personal 2019 ... See more

4 months ago
When You Eat Might Be As Important As What You Eat

Hmmmmm...where have we heard this before?

I would never take credit for these health related insights. If it weren't for Daniel Lieberman I would have never discovered these important realities. ... See more

Obesity continues as a public health problem. A new study suggests several reasons why.

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