Fat Loss Fundamentals

Nutrition has become chaotic and confusing, and the world’s population is paying the price. While weight loss spending in North America increases by billions each year, so do rates of obesity. The low-carb community says root vegetables are unhealthy. Vegans claim that meat causes cancer. Keto and Carnivore Diet followers are now rebelling against vegetables. Who is correct, and what diet should you follow to lose weight, gain muscle, and live a long, healthy life?

The truth is, your diet needs to be understood at the individual level. Your genetics, ancestry, activity level, and various lifestyle factors all play a role in any given diet’s effectiveness. If you don’t understand what you need, the diet you follow will never serve you.

I created the MetFlex-Rx Diet to help individuals optimize food in a way that works for them. With simple, easy-to-follow principles- from what foods to eat to how many times you should be eating each day- my nutrition approach has been proven to be both simple and effective.

The following five videos will give you a look inside the MetFlex-Rx approach with simple theory and actions steps. If you want to receive the full 100 page guide for only $5, click the button below.

Step 1: Whole Foods First

Step 2: Meal and Snack Frequency

Step 3: Maximizing Protein and Low Starch Carbs

Step 4: How to Moderate Fat

Step 5: Earn Your Carbs

Would You Like The Full MetFlex-Rx Guide?

If you would like more depth, greater visuals, and guidance on how to totally customize your diet, you can grab the 100 Page MetFlex-Rx Guide by clicking the button below. The guide is available in both paperback and ebook formats.
Click the button below to learn more.

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