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My name is Tommy Caldwell, & I am running for city council in London, Ontario. I’m a husband, father of three & a local small business owner. Recent events drove me to pay close attention to local politics, & What I learned motivated me to get involved. Below is where I hope to influence the city with a council position.

Economic Prosperity: Life is becoming expensive for citizens, and much of the rise in the cost of living stems from bad policy. The primary job of council is to create & allocate resources that result in fiscal strength, low taxation, and opportunity. Efficiency in these three areas results in improved schools, hospitals, emergency services, parks, recreation, and local business. I have found the focus of council often strays from this core function, and we need representatives who can direct us back to maximizing affordability & efficiency. 

Thriving Schools (and Kids): Most public health representatives now understand early parental concerns about school closures, virtual learning, and mandates placed on our kids. Children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development has suffered significantly from knee-jerk reactions and influence from unions, politicians, and lobbying groups. The concerns of parents took a back seat to the concerns of organizations. There are many growing worries within our local schools, and we need council members who can balance the conversation and have the courage to stand up for kids and parents when it may lose them political favour. 

Green Solutions in the City that Work: Citizens are becoming more concerned about the effect our daily lives have on the planet. While it’s wise to implement policies that leave our community cleaner and greener, such benefits should not come at the cost of our livelihood. Many policies in motion that promise to reduce our carbon footprint are reactionary and do little for the planet’s health. We need council members who care about our environment, both locally and broadly, but also consider the potential cost/benefit of all interventions and the potential for practical alternatives that result in the same environmental impact and fewer barriers to wellbeing. 

Homelessness, Addiction, and Mental Health: the state of the homeless population in the city is becoming more concerning every year, and until we implement preventative and supportive approaches that address the root of the problem, the situation will worsen. Those who deeply understand these forms of human suffering know they are interconnected and often driven by trauma and early poverty. It is common in various levels of government to focus on the end result, adult homelessness. While these citizens deserve and require aid from the city, we need to do more to prevent an individual from ending up homeless and drug addicted in the first place. Thinking long-term and resisting band-aid solutions by shifting resources into early prevention is a must if we are ever going to reverse course on this critical concern. 

Ending Bureaucracy: Finally, we need council members who can recognize and resolve the issue of agency and self-importance that plagues all levels of government. We’ve witnessed in the past two years how politics serves politicians at the cost of the citizens. This is the inevitable result of wrong incentives. Most political types are concerned about re-election, interparty relationships, professional opportunities, and financial futures. While this is an understandable result of human nature, it has to end if the city is going to progress and support citizens in what will be an economically challenging four years. We need fewer career politicians and more community leaders in influential positions. If elected, I promise to forfeit my 2022-2023 financial compensation and funnel it into the early prevention of homelessness initiatives I touched on in my previous point. That’s how serious I am about working for the people.

Councillors should be a voice for the community and committed to citizens’ best interests. When voting on October 24th, be sure to cast your ballot for someone who will listen intently and stand for you at all costs, both personal and professional.

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