It is rare to see people in Politics have genuine conversations with those in the community. The reason for this is simple: politicians are afraid of saying the wrong thing or exposing their true point of view on a given topic. An example of this was in the recent Provincial election when Ford pulled his candidates from local debates as not to compromise the party’s assumed lead. I prefer to take a different approach. I want the community to know exactly who I am and how I think through a variety of complex issues with consultation from experts on those topics. Below you will find examples of long-from conversations I’ve had publicly with other community leaders.

Ontario Hospitals with Dr.Andrew Appleton

Dr.Andrew Appleton is and Internal Medicine Specialist focusing on Metabolic Disorders and the head of the COVID-19 unit at University Hospital.

The Housing Market with Justin Konikow

Justin Konikow is the owner of Prime Real Estate and the Prime Media Company in London, Ontario

Charter Rights and Freedoms with Phil Millar

Phil Millar is a former Canadian Special Forces Sniper and owner of Millar’s Law, a defense firm that has 3 locations across Canada.

The State of COVID-19 with Dr.Appleton

Dr.Andrew Appleton is the Head of the COVID-19 unit at University Hospital in London, Ontario


Similar to my approach with having open conversations, I find writing to be critical for properly organizing my thinking. Again, you are unlikely to find people in politics willing to risk their genuine thoughts and feelings being open to criticism. But if we can’t get to know potential leaders, how can we vote them into office with confidence? Below are pieces I’ve written regarding my thoughts on various complex political issues.

Parents Are The Problem

Why you can’t get your children to eat healthy food A hungry child will eat well. A child who can’t fathom hunger won’t. I hear it from parents all the time. They see what my kids eat and say, “I could never get my child to eat like that.” You’re right. You couldn’t. But not…

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