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There are two types of people who browse health and fitness websites. Person ‘A’ is looking for a quick-fix to do the work on his or her behalf. Person ‘B’ is committed to making lifestyle changes and is genuinely curious about his or her health. If you are person ‘B,’ I would like to invite you to join the member’s only section of the site.

So what is the member section all about? Well, the first thing I will tell you is that it is free to join. The members-only part of the site will host exclusive Q and A’s, a discussion forum for like-minded individuals, and a tight community of people who are interested in living the best life possible.

This section is where I will beta test my tools and resources before putting them out into the public sphere, so members always get access to what I am working on before anyone else.

I am looking to reward those who support what I do and are committed to their health — the M.O. section of the site is how I plan to do that.

Just leave me some information, and you’re in.

What’s Inside

  • Exclusive Q and A’s with me
  • A community forum where conversations take place that we can all be a part of
  • Access to product and service discounts from companies I love
  • Books I am reading, podcasts I am listening to, and other gadgets I am playing around with
  • Early access to diet, exercise, and lifestyle materials I am building
  • First rights and discounts for service that I offer
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