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The Fitness Mentor Podcast

My Interview with Inside Fitness Radio Outlaws of Health- with Tommy Caldwell

Today I'm posting an interview I had with Chris Mercanti of Inside Fitness. We discuss the effects of COVID-19 on our wellbeing, how to influence your children to be healthy, and what we need to do as citizens to affect governmental change and get healthy as a community. 
  1. My Interview with Inside Fitness Radio
  2. The War On Carbs
  3. You can live long, or you can live strong, but you can't do both.
  4. Why Are We Fat (and rapidly getting fatter)
  5. Why We Need Citizen Scientists

The Beyond Your Body Podcast

Ep.23- What Drives Destructive Eating Behaviour Beyond Your Body

In this episode, Rita interviews Tommy on the principles of his bestselling behaviour change book, Heavy Brain. They cover everything from overeating, to late night snacking, to self-sabotage and feelings of failure. To read or listen to Heavy Brain, Follow This Link  https://amzn.to/2MFwnG8 or to get his MetFlex-Rx Diet Guide follow this link https://amzn.to/2RYtHqt***FOR THOSE IN LONDON, ONTARIO LOOKING FOR AFFORDABLE FITNESS EQUIPMENT*** Tommy has also started a factory-direct company called Totum Fitness. The current equipment pre-order is open now, so if you want to get in on the action and support Tommy's new venture, follow this link https://totum.fitness/To join Rita's 12 Week Program, follow this link https://ritacatolino.com/12-week-program
  1. Ep.23- What Drives Destructive Eating Behaviour
  2. Ep.22- All About Fat
  3. Bonus: Tommy and Rita Debate 'Graceful Aging'
  4. Ep.21- May Q and A Pt.2
  5. Ep.20- May Q and A Pt.1
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