I do my best to give as much free material away as I possibly can. But when it comes to projects that take me hundreds of hours to launch, I’ll attach a dollar sign to them.

Below you will find books I have written, and goal-orientated programs I have designed that can help guide you to the best health possible.

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Heavy Brain – The New Edition

Heavy Brain takes the reader on an inward journey to the roots of unhealthy habits and behaviours. Overeating, late night snacking, social consumption, and technological distraction are all other destructive actions are motivated by deep human drivers. This is why these habits are difficult to simply ‘quit’. Learn how our primal brains, toxic modern culture, and overwhelming emotional turmoil lead to weight gain and other negative health outcomes.

The MetFlex-Rx Ultimate Fat Loss Guide

We used to think fat was the root of all weight gain. Now carbohydrates have become enemy #1. The truth is that we are a metabolically broken society, and this is why most of us struggle to see results from our dietary approaches. Restriction and elimination of whole food groups is not the answer. What you need is a metabolically flexible body that can utilize both carbohydrates AND fats, interchangeably to serve your daily energy needs. This transition will lead to a high performing, fat burning machine.

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