Send Me Your Concerns

Do you have a neighbourhood concern?

Concerns across Ward 7 vary between neighbourhoods. As I visit residents, I want to walk away with an understanding of the specific challenges they face close to home. Click the button below to tell me your neighbourhood specific concerns so I can bring them to the attention of council over the coming months.

Common Ward Concerns

Below is an ongoing list of common concerns I’ve been documenting while knocking on Ward 7 doors.

  • The capacity issue in Ward 7 schools leaving parents to bus their children out of the neighbourhood
  • The inability for the municipality to keep up with basic landscaping on city property around sunningdale rd
  • People using larger subdivision roads as ‘thruways’ leading to speeding and dangerous traffic for residents, specifically children
  • Growing rental and speculative real estate within subdivisions
  • Increasing rate and spread of crimes within the entire city (violent crime up 50% since 2017)
  • Developers and the Municipality passing responsibility of maintenance and general cleanliness around new home building sites onto each other
  • The rotating garbage pickup schedule
  • LTC buses using residential areas as unnecessary thruways (Quarrier rd example)
  • Unleashed dogs at public parks
  • Poor/absent lighting in parks and on streets
  • Flooding and freezing in high traffic areas during the winter due to improper drainage from public areas
  • Lack of responsiveness from the municipality
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