Why the ‘GAP’ Determines Your New Year Success

Most people see the first week of January as the most crucial time for reaching personal health goals. It is the time when gyms become flooded with new, eager members and long-time pass-holders. Many of whom need to wipe the dust off of their membership cards before entry. The January rush phenomenon has less toContinue reading “Why the ‘GAP’ Determines Your New Year Success”

Books that will change the way you see nutrition

Since putting my books out at a super-low price this week, people who are reading Heavy Brain and the Fat Loss Guide have also been asking if I have more diet book recommendations. The answer is ‘yes and no’. I certainly have suggestions for books that are in a related field, but few (if any)Continue reading “Books that will change the way you see nutrition”

Why Weight Loss Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

‘I want to lose 10lbs’. Goal-driven statements like this are prevalent in the fitness industry. The problem is that setting a goal does not address the underlying systemic issues that got you to a place where you needed to ‘lose 10, 20, 30, or 100 lbs’. Obsessing over goals while failing to address process isContinue reading “Why Weight Loss Goal Setting Doesn’t Work”