Mismanaged Emotions and Destructive Actions

*The concept of mismanaged emotions and poor health was originally written as a section in my book, Heavy Brain. It became such a large body of writing that I removed it from the book and decided it would need to be an entirely separate writing in the future. This a very high-level breakdown of whatContinue reading “Mismanaged Emotions and Destructive Actions”

Are You Sculpting Your Success?

Are the actions you’re taking today building upon those you took yesterday? If so, how? That is a question that you should answer with great clarity if consistent progress is your goal. Growth doesn’t need to happen linearly, like putting a little more weight ‘on the bar’ each workout. You can also build by addingContinue reading “Are You Sculpting Your Success?”

Why Weight Loss Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

‘I want to lose 10lbs’. Goal-driven statements like this are prevalent in the fitness industry. The problem is that setting a goal does not address the underlying systemic issues that got you to a place where you needed to ‘lose 10, 20, 30, or 100 lbs’. Obsessing over goals while failing to address process isContinue reading “Why Weight Loss Goal Setting Doesn’t Work”

Whether you scream ‘fuck’ or not, you still have a mess to clean up

The other day I was frying eggs and pork belly for a late breakfast. Upon transferring the food from the pan to my plate, my hand slipped. I dropped half of the food, resulting in a greasy mess on the kitchen floor and me yelling ‘FUCK’ at the top of my lungs. It may beContinue reading “Whether you scream ‘fuck’ or not, you still have a mess to clean up”