Start Where You’re At (Not Where You Want To Be Perceived)

In setting your health and fitness resolution for 2021, you probably bit off more than you could chew. You are demanding perfection from yourself—no more unhealthy foods. No more overdoing it on the weekends—no more late-night snacking. Vigorous exercise every day! That all sounds well and good, but why weren’t you already perfect in thoseContinue reading “Start Where You’re At (Not Where You Want To Be Perceived)”

Why the ‘GAP’ Determines Your New Year Success

Most people see the first week of January as the most crucial time for reaching personal health goals. It is the time when gyms become flooded with new, eager members and long-time pass-holders. Many of whom need to wipe the dust off of their membership cards before entry. The January rush phenomenon has less toContinue reading “Why the ‘GAP’ Determines Your New Year Success”