The Emotional Eating Crash Course

Why do we eat when we aren’t hungry? Why is it so difficult to end destructive eating behaviours like late-night snacking and binging when we want nothing more than to turn our health around?

The answer is that food, laziness, and technological distraction- often in combination- have become powerful sources of self-medication for emotional overwhelm. When we eat, we aren’t sad. When we eat, we aren’t stressed. Even something as simple as boredom pushes us into a state of discomfort that we relieve with food.

In the short term, it works. We distract, numb, escape, and stimulate ourselves away from emotional pain and turmoil. But when the food is gone and we enter back into reality, we feel guilt and shame. These negative perceptions drive feelings of failure and further self-sabotage.

It is a painful and destructive cycle.

In the wake of emotional eating, we think things like ‘this is about me. I don’t have any willpower. This eating issue is a weakness of character.’ When we frame the problem in this way, we assume the solution is to make better decisions in the future. The future comes, we fall into the same destructive eating behaviours, and then we hold it against ourselves.

It can feel as if there isn’t a remedy to destructive eating patterns. I’m here to tell you that there is a viable solution, but it requires a shift in thinking and meaningful self-exploration. That is what the 5-Day Emotional Eating Crash Course is all about.

I can’t make these changes for you. You must help yourself. But I can put you in a better position to remedy your own problems. Let these 5 videos act as the guidance you need to overcome your most destructive eating patterns and recover your health.

Day 1

*The professional audio did not load in the creation of this video. The remaining four videos have professional quality audio.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Do you need to go deeper?

I hope you enjoyed the crash course and found value in it. Results are not instantaneous. You must work at the techniques presented in this series and build them as skills. If you want more information with greater detail, I suggest you read my bestselling behaviour change book, Heavy Brain. It is available in paperback, ebook, and audio format. Click the button below to learn more.

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