The Fitness Industry’s Leading Behaviour Change Coach

The World Does Not Need More Diet and Exercise Information…

Why do we fail to meet our health, fitness, and performance goals? Do we not understand that whole food is healthier than processed food or that daily exercise is better than hours of T.V. watching?

Failure doesn’t stem from a lack of knowledge or information. Failure is rooted in our inability to take simple, consistent actions.

Eating well and exercising regularly difficult tasks to follow through on. Breaking destructive eating habits- like overeating, late-night snacking, and constant grazing- is even more challenging.

When you are stressed, anxious, overworked, underslept, and dealing with a plethora of daily human struggles, diet and exercise go out the window. Your best intentions fall apart, you feel like a failure, and you begin self-sabotaging your efforts. Thriving in the modern world requires a unique mindset and discipline, and that is what I deliver.

To get the body and health you want, you need first to get your mind right. You have to build self-mastery and resilience. You must learn to manage your daily habits and behaviours at a fundamental level. If you struggle with constant grazing, snacking, late-night eating, bingeing, technological distraction, or laziness, it is not because you lack willpower. Rather, you are missing a helpful strategy built from proven techniques of discipline and mindset. Where the brain goes, the body will follow.

If you struggle on the rollercoaster of health and fitness success, you need to do deep work, and I am here to guide you.

My background

Performance Coach

For the first decade of my career I helped athletes of all types succeed at the highest level. I hold designations in Sports Psychology, Sports Nutrition, and various training modalities.

Behaviour Change Expert

In 2011, I began learning about the fundamental reasons why people struggle to make healthy choices. Since that time I have earned designations in cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling, and applied psychology. I was also one of the original professionals trained in Dr.Gabor Mate’s year long mentorship program. This unique perspective and toolkit has allowed me to increase the success of those who work with me beyond what is typical in the health and fitness industry.

Fitness Leader

In 2008 I founded Hybrid Training -which eventually became Hybrid Fitness- Canada’s largest independent fitness facility. I have worked with thousands of everyday people to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.

Bestselling Author

In 2017 I published the multi-category #1 bestselling behaviour change book, Heavy Brain. Since its release, the book has sold over 10,000 copies and has reached bestseller status in more than 5 different categories.

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