Fed Report #006

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Fed Report. Today we cover: Tragedy in China The first story in this week’s report is international news. After locking citizens in a building that eventually set fire, killing several people, Chinese citizens are now revolting against the CCP-led government. Without a hint of irony, Justin Trudeau made … Continue reading Fed Report #006

The Fed Report #005

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Fed-Report. In this issue we cover: Internet Censorship Bill Updates Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriquez begged the Senate to press forward with the internet censorship bill (C-11). In a late-night meeting, the Senate added no less than 100 separate amendments to the controversial and disorganized bill, which extends into … Continue reading The Fed Report #005

Fed Report #004

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the fourth edition of the Fed-Report. This week, we cover the following topics. The viral ‘Triple Threat’ There is a media storm behind the growing number of infectious disease hospitalizations (RSV, Influenza, and COVID) in Ontario, including in Pediatric wards. At first glance, this is a very troubling situation. News … Continue reading Fed Report #004

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