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The CrossFit Scandal: All ‘Shutting Up’, no ‘Putting Up’

CrossFit Inc and (now former) CEO, Greg Glassman came under fire a few months back for comments made regarding the highly publicized death of George Floyd. Since the incident, several other cases of Glassman’s brash and often inappropriate behaviour have surfaced in the media. This has resulted in a number of affiliates (including Hybrid Fitness)Continue reading “The CrossFit Scandal: All ‘Shutting Up’, no ‘Putting Up’”

How to Manage your Meals for Greater Fat Loss (and greater appetite control)

There are many reasons a person may struggle to make healthy meals for him or herself. Lack of cooking skills, motivations for unhealthy eating, and even confusion about what constitutes healthy food can all play a role. The truth is that formulating healthy meals that work for your body is quite simple, and in thisContinue reading “How to Manage your Meals for Greater Fat Loss (and greater appetite control)”

Why We Eat

‘Fit’ people often see an overweight individual and make classic assumptions. This person must be weak, uncommitted, and clearly does not care about her health. This is an uneducated judgement. A judgement that can only be made by a person who does not understand even himself. Sick people want to be healthy. Poor people wantContinue reading “Why We Eat”

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