Bad Trades

Everyone has an ideology, a set of philosophies and beliefs that are practically and theoretically used to guide decision-making. A personal ideology is a ‘heuristic’ of sorts, used to come to conclusions in an expedited way. The key to possessing a practical ideology is understanding if it is based on a fundamental truth. ‘Truth,’ of … Continue reading Bad Trades

The Myopic Destruction of our Youth

In 2020 there was one death with COVID in Canada’s children under 14 years of age. During that same period, there were: 3 Meningitis Deaths6 Diabetes Deaths16 Flu Deaths13 Homicides39 Suicides127 Accidental Trauma Deaths202 Deaths in a variety of other unclassified categories This was before a single vaccine was distributed. From the beginning of the … Continue reading The Myopic Destruction of our Youth

Curb Your Narrative

Leaders find ways to pull the community together while highlighting the problems within. Justin Trudeau uses vile language while blanketing millions of Canadian citizens into racist minorities for his gain. If you listened to his most recent address, his superficial, self-serving narrative should be evident to you. It is a political drama, and it is … Continue reading Curb Your Narrative

My support is for those who are fighting to end mandates. Unfortunately, the ‘movement’ is conflating with points of view that detract from the intentions of the other 99%. I don’t support hatred or hateful people. I back the millions of citizens concerned about the erosion of their rights- erosion that completely unscientific claims have … Continue reading

Relative Suffering

Many sit in judgment of those who showed up to air their grievances in our Nation’s Capital. Driven by media spin and disgusting government rhetoric, some even feel righteous for looking down on the attendees of the Ottawa protest. It’s funny how empathy, compassion, and tolerance can be a matter of ideological convenience. If over … Continue reading Relative Suffering

Medicine Isn’t Meaning

If we removed our point of view from our identity, the world would improve. Sadly, when meaning and purpose are lacking, our ideas represent who we are. The decision to vaccinate or not became more than a health choice. Vaccinators self-identify as reasonable and orderly, while the ‘vaccine-hesitant’ are rebellious freedom fighters. Both denote a … Continue reading Medicine Isn’t Meaning

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