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The Pandemic We Ignore

If you take social media at face value, there are only two groups of people in the world. Those who believe vaccines are evil tools used by the world’s elite to control the population and destroy our health, and those who think vaccines and interventional medicine are more important than core health and autonomy that … Continue reading The Pandemic We Ignore

Citizen Scientists Are Responsible For The Best Solutions

The back-and-forth regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is an emotional, narrative-driven battle between conspiracy theorists and the status quo. Both of these groups are unhelpful. Those who puts their best effort toward being informed deserve to share their opinion and be involved in the discussion. Those who prefer to be informed by narrative should join a … Continue reading Citizen Scientists Are Responsible For The Best Solutions

Why Does This Always Happen To Me?

Extraneous reasons for your tsunami of failures are mounting. All your relationships end badly. You constantly miss out on opportunities that undeserving people capitalize on. Your professional life is always in turmoil, and life never gives you what you deserve. “Why does this always happen to me”?“Why does that never happen for me”? Are you … Continue reading Why Does This Always Happen To Me?

How To Rebel in 2021

Today’s ‘rebel’ doesn’t need to storm the steps of local parliament or spraypaint political logos in the city centre. These days, standing up for yourself is as easy as being the best version of ‘you’. Integrity isn’t just saying what you think and doing what you say. Integrity is the commitment to live up to … Continue reading How To Rebel in 2021

Lessons From 2020

Everyone is talking about the silver linings of the pandemic. Hopefully, being better informed is on your list. Weight gain and poor metabolic health have been known drivers of the top 5 killers of modern disease. That didn’t seem to be enough motivation for the average person to eat well and exercise. Hopefully, the threat … Continue reading Lessons From 2020

The Path of Greatest Resistance.

Would you prefer to listen to this blog? If so, click here. For every hundred people who try to take control of their health, ninety-nine will eventually fail. You could substitute ‘control of their health’ with ‘control of their finances,’ ‘control of their professional success,’ or ‘control of their destiny’ and get the same dismal … Continue reading The Path of Greatest Resistance.

The Secret(s) to Fitness Success

When we think about the path to fitness success, we often obsess over tools, tricks, and resources. We want to know what our macronutrient ratio should be. We want to know which type of cardio is best for fat loss. It’s not that these inquiries aren’t meaningful. The food we eat and the exercise we … Continue reading The Secret(s) to Fitness Success

Does Building Muscle Burn Fat?

Quick Answer: Yes, but not much. Yet, there are other benefits of muscle growth that may lend themselves to your goal.  When you hear a person talk about how ‘muscle burns fat’ s/he likely implies that the effect is significant. When it comes to the increase in calories burned when you carry more muscle, the effect … Continue reading Does Building Muscle Burn Fat?

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