About Tommy Caldwell

Hi there, and welcome to my page.

My name is Tommy Caldwell, and I work in the health and fitness industry. Don’t judge me yet. I am the founder of Hybrid Fitness and the author of the bestselling behaviour change book, Heavy Brain.

I spend my professional time coaching individuals toward improved decision making by connecting people to the underlying root(s) of their most unhealthy behaviours.

We all want to be healthy. Most of us want this more than anything else in the world. So why do we continuously overeat, late-night snack, drink too much on the weekend, and eat the entire dessert even though we are sick to our stomachs?

This is the problem worth solving, and these are the questions that I answer through the work that I do. This approach is what produces long-term, permanent results.

If you want to be healthy, and if you wish to make diet and exercise interventions ‘stick’, you must uncover your underlying motivation to use food, laziness, technological distraction, and alcohol to self-medicate.

I talk about nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and all that other stuff as well- but that advice is quite honestly a dime a dozen. I’m willing to bet you haven’t had any issue finding a diet to follow or a workout to do.

So again, welcome. I am here to help you find what you have been missing.

Qualifications (and pictures of stuff I do)

  • Bestselling Author (On Amazon. Take it with a grain of salt)
  • Published over 50 times in fitness media like Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Inside Fitness, Vice News, and Strong Magazine
  • Certified Personal Trainer and Strength Coach
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist and Sports Psychologist (S.N.H.S)
  • Trained and certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (BECK) and Counselling (AMAS)
  • Rehab Therapist and FMS Level 1/2 Certified
  • USAW Level 3 and OWA Olympic Weightlifting Coach
  • Completed Harvard Medical School’s HMX program in Biochemistry, Physiology, Immunology, Pharmacology, and Genetics
  • Received my MBA in 2014

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Connect With Tommy

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