Your Diet is not Your Problem

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Don’t eat rice, it’ll make you fat and sick: Paleo.

Don’t eat vegetables, they will make you fat and sick: Carnivore.

Don’t eat animals, they will make you fat and sick: Plant-Based/Vegan.

Don’t eat fruit, it will make you fat and sick: Keto.

How are all of these people, both succeeding and failing in so many different conflicting food categories?

Because food is not the primary source of success or failure. Your relationship with it is.

There is an argument to be made that some foods are better for us than others, but beyond the obvious ‘eat whole foods over processed foods and minimize (if not eliminate) refined sugars, seed oils, and junk foods’ we are really splitting hairs.

Some cultures have survived on 90% + carbohydrates.

Some cultures have survived on 90% + fats.

Some cultures have survived on 90% + animal meats.

The ‘x’ factor is everything else these cultures had going on for them. Stuff like:

Clear purpose
Life meaning
Daily activity
Tight community
Children raised by family adults (not strangers or other children)
No social media
No financial burden
No cigarettes, limited (if any) alcohol


When food is just food, and it is as close to nature as that food can be, it is a ‘healing’ substance.

When food is a stimulant, a distraction, a pass-time, and a source of unlimited self-medication for the crap that weighs on your every day, it is a harming substance.

The bullshit that we argue about on the internet (i.e., if you’re not in ketosis, you’re gonna die!) always misses the point and does not help a single person.

I have never witnessed a person getting sick eating meat, fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, or even dairy and grains for that matter (assuming there isn’t an apparent intolerance to the food).

I have seen MANY people get sick when they use any of the aforementioned healthy foods to chronically distract them from pain- resulting in overeating, weight gain, and consequence.

The diet isn’t the issue. The relationship with the diet is. This is why there are millions and millions of reasonably helpful pieces of diet and exercise information on the internet but frighteningly high rates of obesity.

The problem being ‘solved’ is not a problem worth solving.

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Tommy Caldwell

Tommy Caldwell is the Founder of Hybrid Fitness and the bestselling author of the books Heavy Brain and the MetFlex-Rx diet. He is a performance coach, specializing in behaviour change and self-discipline that are necessary for achieving health and fitness goals.


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